Feel free to familiarize yourself with our current bylaws, download membership materials, and other documents using the links provided below.

Our Bylaws

The AHS Bylaws define the organization, and provide information regarding membership, corporate membership, and the roles of the board of directors and officers that comprise the AHS operating committee.

AHS Bylaws


Attending Events

To attend any AHS event other than our regular social, you’ll need to agree to the AHS Conduct Agreement and the AHS Waiver by signing a Signature Form.  Non-member guests are required to sign a signature form every time they attend and AHS event; members just sign it once, and we keep it on file with your membership application.

Signature Form

Conduct Agreement




If you’d like to become a member, you’ll not only save a little money every time you attend an AHS event, you’ll also have access to members-only functions when we have them, receive the AHS Quarterly Newsletter, receive discounts and other rewards from participating vendors.

Membership Application

AHS is organized in a way that allows us to function similarly to a standard member corporation, but without requiring us to collect any personally identifying information about our associate members, who act as delegates when it comes time for general voting on things like elections; the majority of our members are associate members, but the board members and certain officers are still required to register as members of the corporation in order for this to work.  If you become an elected member of the board or accept an appointment to one of these specific operating committee offices, you will be required to fill out an additional Corporate Membership Application.  More information about corporate membership is detailed in our bylaws.

Corporate Membership Application